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Have an idea for an app or product that leverages artificial intelligence?  The advancement of Generative AI has given way to quicker and more advanced development than ever before!  FullStackRemote has vetted AI engineers ready to go to help you get your vision from head to paper to a live product.  Jump on the AI movement today and be one of the first to market. 

AI Developers

On-Demand to Build Your AI Dream

We have over 1,000 senior level remote developers that we have tested and screened – ready to create your vision. If you can dream it, we can build it. Really. SaaS, Chatbots, Automation, Machine Learning, Custom websites, E-commerce, Digital transformations. Our army of developers are standing by.

Digital Transformation and Automation

Chatbots, Conversational AI

Dedicated Developers for Custom Solutions

Generative AI, Chatbots and Automation

AI is a huge market moving at light speed. First movers have an advantage. Jump on the AI movement today and be one of the first to get your idea launched and into market. What do you want to build?


Automate repetitive tasks, follow up with leads, manage workflows and contacts. With AI, you now have superpowers.

AI Chatbot

Create a custom knowledge base or interactive bot to engage customers and generate more leads.

Generative AI

Generative AI and its algorithms can create targeted recommendations, product suggestions, engaging email and social media content, employee training, client and patient pre-screening.. and so much more!

Digital Transformation

AI can truly revolutionize your business. The repetitious tasks that used to take you hours will become obsolete as you convert to digital AI.

NLP, ML, Data Science

We can help you decipher or leverage these acronyms to help you build the next big thing in AI. Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and Data Science are the backbone of the largest companies in the world.

Custom Web Development

If you already have a product and want to add AI developers on demand to your team, we have skilled devs standing by.

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What Our Clients Say

Once clients realize our talent delivers 10x more than they've seen before, they put their full trust in our hands. We’ve helped hundreds of startups go from point zero to seed funding to Series, A and beyond by leveraging our global engineering talent. We’re ready to help partner with you to get you to your next fund raise or product launch.

"Exceeded Expectations"

Custom Project Management Tool Development

“Expert-Level Talent"

Twitter Development for Custom Development

"Go-To Hiring Pipeline"

SaaS Startup Development

"10x More from FSR Developer"

“I got 10x more from my developer from FullStackRemote. I’m hiring him as my CTO and moving all of my development work to FSR."

Project: Mental Health Chatbot

"Generated Leads on Autopilot"

"Saved me 10 hours per week and now my calendar is just full. I couln't have done it without the help from FSR. Saved so much time!"

Project: Automate Lead Flow with CRM + AI Tools

Pricing & Getting Started

Our goal and mission is to partner with you to make your vision into a reality. With over 20 years of experience creating products and startups, we have learned that building carefully step by step is the way to succeed. We won’t overbuild your idea, but walk with you, each step of the way to ensure your product’s success.

The only limit is your imagination.

Getting started? - Begin with a free consulting session that gives you a high-level roadmap outlining your idea and the steps as well as costs. Ready to dive in? - Select from one of our packages that are designed to get you from roadmap to live functional product.

Free AI Consulting Session (typically $495)

Financing Options

Flexible Payment Plans

100% Guaranteed Results

Pre-Packaged Customizable AI Chat & Lead Automation

Automation & Leads STARTER Package

Contact database with an omnichannel inbox. Talk to your customers via SMS, Email, FB Messenger and phone.

$497 One-Time Setup


Contact Database

Omnichannel messaging center

Virtual phone for two-way SMS

Email campaigns and workflow automation

Customizable landing pages

AI Automation + Chatbot

GROWTH Package

Everything in Starter PLUS a customizable AI Assistant chatbot.

$2,497 One-Time Setup


Everything in Starter (contacts, messaging, virtual phone number, emailing, texting, landing pages, workflows.

Advanced Automation

Weekly Reports

Virtual AI Assistant

AI, Automation, Leads + Reporting SCALE Bundle

Everything in Growth plus a dedicated customer success representative to help you manage and grow your business.

$3,997 One-Time Setup


Everything in growth PLUS...

Dedicated customer success assistant. Monthly calls to ensure your business is growing.

AI-enabled Social Media management with dedicated support.

Custom AI Development MVP


Implementation & Roadmap Strategy

2-3 hour session for AI consulting. Discover AI and its capabilities. Learn if your specific idea is a good candidate for AI, what costs and time will be involved. After the sessions you will receive a high level requirements doc and high level implementation plan.


Deep dive into your business

Requirements doc & roadmap

Leave with an implementation plan you can take with you

One-time payment.


Standard V.1

Creation of the first version of your project from wireframe to build. May include AI, automation, datasets, modeling scripts, prompts, integrations. Simple but functional MVP (Minimum Viable Product) for testing and showing concept.

Starting at...


Roadmap + wireframe

Functional MVP Lite

Flexible payment options

To learn more about flexible payment options, click here.


Premium Full Product

Greater complexity and advanced MVP (Minimum Viable Product) that involves a custom Al app, data pipelines, model training script and design documents. A working MVP that can be used to gain customers, traction and fundraising.

Starting at...


Full custom MVP

Live product for fundraising or customer acquisition

Flexible payment options

To learn more about flexible payment options, click here.

AI Chatbot

Add a conversational AI Chatbot to existing your business website.

Allow your customers to access your site's knowledge base, converse with customers. Never miss a sale or support question. Reduce cost to convert lead by managing more inbound routing of leads.

Implementation time: 4-6 weeks.

Starting at...

$5,497 + $497/mo

Dedicated AI Developers

Dedicated Developer / Custom Development

Need a dedicated developer or a full team of design and development experts? Our core product is providing contractors to skyrocket your company's growth. 10x, vetted, developers - on demand.

Starting at...

$4,997/mo part time (20 hours/week)

$8,997/mo full time (40 hours/week)

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer flexible payment options?

Yes! With a small $500 deposit, we will set up a payment plan for you monthly based on your budget. The code will not be fully released until all payments have been made, however, you will updated weekly and/or monthly on progress.

What's your guarantee policy?

We stand by our talent. For projects, we only ask for payment upon completed milestone and your approval of the work that was done. You need to be satisfied in order for us to continue. We do not waste your time or your money.

For our dedicated developer talent, we guarantee performance. If for some reason the developer is not meeting your standards, we will stop work immediately and replace that talent with a better fit. We want to ensure high quality output and continuity.

How much can I expect to pay for a chatbot / custom site etc?

The costs do vary based on the complexity of the project. Most visionaries can see 10 steps ahead, but we make sure not to overbuild - or overbill - before you take a step-by-step approach. This is after learning the hard way many times. We plan out the roadmap and we can build any size project, but we recommend a phased approach. Building a Facebook could cost millions, a 1,000+ person dev team, and take a year, for example. However, starting with a single feature and building upon that, iterating based on market feedback, will take less time, less resources and less cost. We recommended starting with a Minimum Viable Product, the absolute minimum that you need to get to a working prototype, as the first step. Depending on the complexity, an MVP can usually be created within 4-6 weeks. It used to cost $250,000 for a working MVP. Now, with AI tools, we can typically deliver a working product where customers can interact with your product for around $20-25,000. We start even earlier with an MVP Lite version to ensure we're all on the right track. You can begin with just a $500 deposit to build out a full MVP. You can see many examples and testimonials on our site. We've worked with hundreds, and even thousands of startups (within our network) which is why we guarantee our work and why we work thoughtfully but quickly.

I have so many ideas, where do I start?

Great that you're an idea person! We also love ideas. The first step is to narrow down the thing(s) that you love most, that you are good at and won't get tired working on. We'll help you figure out which of your ideas has the most potential, lowest cost and best return. You can start with a free AI Consulting Session. In 15-20 minutes we will get to know each other, and at the very least you'll leave with some good feedback. AI is growing so quickly and things are changing each day. It can be easy to have idea overwhelm. We'll help you hone in your vision, create the roadmap you'll need to succeed, and build from there. The first step is a free. consulting call.

Isn't building with AI very expensive?

Thanks to the low cost of new open source code and algorithms, the cost to develop a product in AI has dropped drastically. If you want to build your own Large Learning Model (LLM), then yes, you'll need millions in capital. But the real power and the transformational shift that AI provides is the ability to leverage existing LLMs and automation tools paired with a unique idea (or just applying it within your existing business). The time and costs savings alone from building on top of existing AI code will pay for itself and free your time and wallet to focus on growth.

Can I integrate AI into my business?

That might just be the best way to start! If you have an existing business that is resource-heavy, time-consuming - in short, draining, AI and automation is THE solution. AI can help you: Spend less time answering repetitive customer questions, Train and onboard employees, Pre-qualify candidates / clients / patients, Write emails / social media content more quickly, Improve conversions Generate and qualify leads, Follow up with leads. Basically, AI can do everything but your laundry. At least not yet. We love helping businesses transform the way they work now using AI - schedule a free consultation and I promise you'll leave with ideas that can change your business and your life.

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